Water Damage Restoration

house with water damage after flooding

Water damage can come in all forms, sewer back-ups, heavy storms, burst or leaking pipes, and faulty appliances. Regardless of the cause, you need properly trained and knowledgeable technicians to properly mitigate and prevent further damage to your home or business after such an event.

Our Water Damage Technicians are trained in the following to properly mitigate and rebuild the damage of your property

  • Water damage control
  • Dehumidification process
  • Contaminated water clean up
  • Proper drying techniques
  • Owner contents recovery, cleaning and storage
  • Property rebuilding and reconstruction

There are 3 types of water categories to be aware, call an Us to properly mitigate the damage and to keep yourself and people around you safe depending on the water category we are dealing with

Water Categories

Category I Water
Sanitary or “clean” water sources, sources that do not cause an initial health threat. Sources include broken water pipelines, tub and sink overflows, appliance water line failures, hot water heater ruptures, falling rainwater and broken toilet tanks.

Category II Water
Unsanitary or “gray” water sources contain some degree of contamination. “Gray” water sources include, but are not limited to; appliance overflows from dishwashers, washing machines, toilet bowls with some urine, aquariums and waterbeds.

Category III Water
Unsanitary or “black” water sources always contain pathogenic agents. “Black” water sources include; municipal sewer lines, sea and ground surface water, rising water from rivers and streams and certain types of sprinkler systems. Porous materials such as pad, carpet, paper, ceiling tiles, books, etc. cannot be salvaged and must be disposed. Hard, non-porous surfaces can be cleaned and sanitized