Commercial Renovation

Commercial renovations are made stress free by our talented crew. When you hire Bay Construction for your commercial project, you get a team of construction professionals who have decades of experience. We can work as sub trade, and general contractors on commercial renovation and construction projects. As a result, we are able to take care of any new development or renovation.

Commercial Renovation Projects

  • Interior Renovations
  • Exterior Renovations
  • Additions & Expansion
  • Office Space Development (re-development)
  • Designing & Building
  • New Construction


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Interior Renovations

We have all seen those offices with interiors that are exceptional, because of the extra attention to detail and craftsmanship. Let us help you get the exact interior look your are looking for. Get help with your office spaces, retail spaces and storefronts.


Your interior renovations might be simple, but could also be a complete demolition and rebuild. We can help you in the following areas:

  • demolition
  • reconstruction
  • drywall
  • painting
  • finishing


Exterior Renovations

The curb appeal of your business is just as importance as the ambience inside of your business space. Due to many years in the industry and helping out a wide variety of businesses, our team can ensure that your exterior look and feel is exactly what you want.


We can help you with:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Exterior Finish
  • Roofing
  • Insulation
  • Concrete work

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Additions and Expansion

Adding on to your existing space can be a time and money saver versus finding a new location. We can help you plan your addition and take it from drawing to finish. We are skilled in wood and steel construction and will ensure that your building addition is the expansion you were looking for.

Office Drywall


Office Space Development (re-development)

Often it is necessary to modify or even completely rebuild a space that you are thinking of leasing during a commercial renovation. Our team will ensure that your new office, retail space, storefront and more are built exactly how you want, because that ensures the best results for your business.


Your business might want to:

  • Add more offices
  • Brighten up the current space without shutting down
  • Use available space for a new purpose
  • Modify existing space to match new furniture, desks, chairs and more.

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