With the recent real-estate boom in Saskatoon and area, there are a lot of people looking to complete their unfinished basements, or renovate their existing one. In our experience this service is very often priced to high from other Contractors, which has led to clients over paying or almost overpaying by an exceptional amount. Take the time to get a few quotes from reputable contractors, ones that can show you pictures and give past references, so you know you will be getting quality work with such an investment.

Trusting someone to complete your Basement renovation is a big step and deserves the utmost respect of the contractor; our process is simple, and efficient:

  1. Our project manager will meet with the client and discuss, view and make recommendations for the proposed renovation
  2. We supply the client with a detailed quote breakdown and a proposed project completion date, ensuring no confusion in the work that is agreed to be done
  3. Work agreement form is signed between us and the client
  4. Start/complete project, staying in communication with our client along the way to ensure transparency between the contractor, and client
  5. Upon completion, we do a complete walk through with the client to ensure satisfaction.
  6. Our client enjoys their new beautifully renovated home