Signs Your Home Needs Exterior Painting

Exterior painting neededExterior painting isn’t something that’s on many people’s ‘to do’ list. Houses don’t need to be repainted often, and when they are repainted, it’s usually at the behest of the homeowner. Yet, many homeowners miss the signs that their house needs to be repainted. Below are four signs to help you figure out when your home’s exterior needs to be repainted.

Paint is Fading

Fading on your home’s exterior is the first sign that it needs some new paint. Fading is usually the result of sun exposure, but may also be a sign of your home’s age. Older homes are usually more prone to paint fading. When the paint colour is unrecognizable and most of the exterior is faded, you’ll know it’s time for a new paint job.

Paint is Peeling

Peeling paint isn’t just a sign that your home needs to be repainted. It’s also a warning sign that the siding or wood of your home is exposed. Exposed siding or wood can lead to rot and the growth of mold and mildew. So, the underlying problem will need to be fixed as soon as it’s detected, and before any exterior painting is done. Once you’ve fixed the underlying problem, your home should be repainted, as cracked and peeling paint can be unsightly and even hazardous.

Wood or Stucco is Damaged

Age and severe weather can cause damage to wood and stucco. Damaged stucco may be cracked or even have holes in it caused by hail. On the other hand, wood may be chipped or have paint missing in some places.

If the wood and/or stucco is damaged, it’s a strong indicator that your home needs some patching and exterior painting. In fact, stucco and wood should be immediately repainted once it’s repaired. Stucco that isn’t repainted may crumble completely, so you’ll need to repaint as soon as you detect any damage.

Caulking Between the Windows is Cracking

Caulking that’s cracking and separating is a sign that your windows and doors need to be sealed, and repair will lead to the need for fresh paint. If there’s a gap or crack around one window, then most likely all the other windows have this problem. However, resealing the exterior will make your paint look uneven and even leave your home less protected from the elements. Exterior painting helps protect your home after fresh caulk has been applied.

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