4 Essential Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colours

exterior painting coloursChoosing paint colours is never easy, especially when it comes to the outside of your home. The exterior has a major impact on the appearance of your home, so it makes sense to want a paint colour that’s going to make a positive impression. The right colour could highlight your home’s architectural beauty while the wrong colour could make your home an eyesore. Fortunately, there are tips you can follow for choosing the right paint for the outside of your home.

Pay Attention to the Style of Your Home

Not every paint colour is fit for every home. For example, bright colours won’t fit a mid-century modern ranch or a federal-style home. However, they might fit a historic structure built in a time when brightly coloured homes were more common. If you have a historic home, consider the era when it was built before choosing your exterior paint colour. Choose from colour palettes that where most common during that time or find a paint brand with a collection of historic colours.

Look at the Colours of Other Architectural Elements

Not only should your paint colour be aesthetically pleasing, it should also coordinate with your pathways, stonework, roof shingles and other exterior accents. In fact, you could derive inspiration from these elements for your exterior painting. Just look at the undertones of their colours and use that to help you choose a paint colour that won’t clash with any of your exterior architectural elements.

Look Around Your Neighbourhood

You’re free to do whatever you want with your own home, which means you can choose whatever exterior paint colour you like. However, a colour that blends in or coordinates with your neighrbours’ homes will harmonize the neighbourhood and keep the peace on your block. If you want to make a statement, use colours that aren’t too bright and bold, but still unique. Colours that are too bright could be disturbing to your neighbours and even bring down your property value.

Follow the Rule of Three

Every home has three main colours: the field colour, the trim colour and the accent colour.

  • Field colour: Colour of your siding and much of your home
  • Trim colour: Colour of door casings, roof edging, window trims and other trim work
  • Accent colour: Colour of shutters, doors and any small areas

These colours should all be coordinated to work well together. For example, the trim colours looks best when contrasted with the field colour. So, if you choose a dark field colour, the trim should be light. Additionally, ensure your colours don’t highlight unimportant elements of your home, such as air conditioning units, downspouts and others. These elements should simply fade into the background. Be sure to reiterate this to your contractor when having exterior painting done on your home.

If you’re currently looking for a team of experts for your exterior painting project, look no further! Give us a call and let’s discuss the best colours for your home’s exterior.