DIY Roof Replacement VS. Professional Roof Replacement

DIY or Pro roof replacementTruthfully, many home improvement projects can be performed by homeowners themselves, but there are many more that should be left to the pros. Some projects are too complex and even dangerous for non-professionals to handle, and undoubtedly, putting on a new roof is one of the more complex and dangerous jobs out there.

The decision not to hire a professional roofer for your roof replacement will depend on your own knowledge, skills, experience and the size of the project, and while there may be some benefits to taking the DIY route, there are also some significant downsides. Let’s take a look at what you’re in for when you choose to do a DIY roof replacement versus what your experience will be like when you hire professionals:

Replacing the Roof Yourself or Hiring Roofing Pros

At first glance, DIY roofing may seem like it has several benefits. The obvious one is that it’s less expensive than hiring a contractor. Another benefit might be that you can replace the roof according to your own timeline and you won’t have to wait in line while roofers finish up other jobs.

Replacing a roof, however, isn’t as simple as painting a room or completing many other DIY projects around the house. Plus, it can be much more dangerous. In some cases, it might actually be cheaper to hire a pro than to attempt to do it yourself. Just think about it; paying someone who has the skills, experience and equipment needed to get the roofing job done right, the first time, will cost you less than if you attempt to do the job yourself and it’s not done properly.

Second, it will save you time, effort, stress and possible injury. Professional replacement also guarantees quality, precision and a timely installation. Most importantly, however, it’s safer for you, your family and your home – even if you have experience in the field.

In the end, just remember to consider your situation and do your research before choosing either option. A professional replacement performed by a trusted team like Bay Construction and Restoration is always your best choice, no matter the situation.

If your roof needs replacing, choose the cost-effective and hassle-free route! Call us to schedule your roof replacement today.